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Driver Improvement Programs was founded in 1983.

As multiple time winners of the National Safety Council's coveted STAR AWARD, Driver Improvement Programs has brought vehicular Safety Training to a whole new level.

Successfully completing a defensive driving course can reduce points on your license.

Taking a defensive driving course can lower your insurance rates.

Answers to Your Defensive Driving Questions

NYS Department of Motor Vehicle Point Reduction

After I complete the course, how do I receive the point reduction?
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What effect does point reduction have on my license and driving record?
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Insurance Premium Reductions

After completing the course, how do I receive insurance reduction?
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If a youthful operator is already receiving a driver education discount, can the PIRP discount also be applied?
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What if more than one person named on a policy completes the course?
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Will assigned risks and youthful operators receive the discounts?
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Will the course prevent my insurance company from raising my premiums?
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How do I get a refund?
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How can I change the date and location for which I am registered?
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What can I do if I miss a class? How do I make-up a missed class?
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How can I get HELP if I need it for the ONLINE Defensive Driving Class?

IF I need HELP with the ONLINE Course, how can I get it?
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