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arrowsAs of Sep 28, 2009, the NY DMV approved the National Safety Council's Defenisve Driving Course in the ONLINE version. Simply click on the RED STOP sign above that says ONLINE COURSES. Get $5 OFF the price by using code 429.

arrowsA new link has been added to our website to provide information for parents and younger drivers on the NEW DMV rules that will apply for Graduated licenses beginning FEB 22, 2010. See LINKS or copy and paste this link into your browser:

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Under the Law at a stop sign you MUST: 1. Come to a full stop. (No movement of wheels) 2. Yield the right of way to Vehicles and Pedestrians in or APPROACHING the intersection. A young driver slowed down and rolled through the intersection with a STOP sign as a police officer watched diligently from around the corner. When the police officer stopped the motorist up the block and told him about the STOP sign violation, the driver offered this defense: "What is the problem officer, I slowed down?" The officer quickly retorted with a question: "If I were hitting you on the head with my nightstick, which of these two things would you rather I do- Slow down or STOP?" Point made! Most people KNOW that they have to stop at a stop sign. VERY few know that their legal obligation is to also YIELD the right of way to pedestrians and vehicles already in AND approaching the intersection.

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